Sale – New Release – Group Gift

Heya lovelies!

Are you ready for some more coolness from Miamai???

First of all, end of year sale from December 30th to January 1st: it’s the Gold Star Sale:


50% off on the gowns (in all colours) flagged with a golden star in the formal department, so you have the great opportunity to purchase at half price some wonderful gowns for end of the year and new year parties, yay!

Kleo, the new amazing release, is also tagged with the golden star:


Made of fascinating silk brocade textures and diamonds/feathers decorations, Kleo will make you shine :)

And the new group gift is out, the fab Araree makeup:


How beautiful is it? *_*


Enough news to get you excited? I think so.

Here’s your taxi:

Happy end of year, everyone!!!  xxx

BlackLabel Metamorphosis Collection: feather boas, head pieces, masks, nails

Need accessories to build or complete your look of New Year’s Eve?

Choose to be different and wear one (or more) of the many Metamorphosis Collection accessories, so gorgeous and unique.

Look at these feather boas, they come in different colours, in both female/male versions:






And how about these wonderful head pieces?




Wow! They go great with the boas :)


Now look at the beautiful masks:





The final touch, sublime nails that i’d so like in RL too:



The accessories/ornaments i showed you above are all available at Miamai store and also on Marketplace, so here you are and……happy shopping:

TP to the Metamorphosis Collection

The Metamorphosis Collection on Marketplace

BlackLabel Metamorphosis Collection: Anath – Itzpaploti – Morrighan

Happy holidays, everyone!  :)

The BlackLabel Metamorphosis collection gives us the chance to look fabulous and get lot of attention wherever we bring our beloved avatars during these Christmas holidays.  So, it doesn’t matter if we’re going to a gala or through some crazy shopping session, what is important is to look great (in both our lives!) and, first of all, we have to like ourselves. Miamai can give us a big help especially when it comes to spoil ourselves and yeah, we need it, once in a while (that also in both lives).

This is the third post of mine about the Metamorphosis collection – check out the others, in case you missed them – and today i want to show you three gorgeous jackets. You will love them!

Here you are:




Wow! So innovative and glamour *__*

Go get them now!

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BlackLabel Metamorphosis Collection: Borghild – Gauri – Fechin

This is the world where the human form is not fixed; it twists, teases and transforms. All who enter are subject to the whims of metamorphosis and mutability. ….

(from the InMutatio’s presentation)


Hello, lovelies :)
The words above totally explain the essence of the BlackLabel Metamorphosis Collection, so what else to say apart from “it’s  w o n d e r f u l“?

We are going to post every day pictures of the stunning pieces of the Metamorphosis Collection, feel free to drool over them ;)

Let’s start with an outfit and two dresses:





You can’t help but love them…..


TP to the Metamorphosis Collection

InMutatio .. A fragment for you

There is always a beginning, and this is mine,
I share it with you so you can break it with your kind words
and your unkind hearts.

Hush, as my ears bleed crimson, come let us taste.
It’s time for a fairytale for silver haired princes – Time to forget.
Forget yourselves and hush, hush my children, Hush.

I stretched so hard my fingers splintered into stones,
The ruby fell amongst the cinders and still the feathers fall.
Wrenched from my limbs, the agony escapes.
A party favour of vertebrae tumble from my flesh

(monica gives audience a gift)

Violently cracking into place. New structures assemble.
I am evolutionary, I am yesterday’s promise of a nightmare.
Unkind hearts, I am merely beginning.

Reptilian spines leech onto my skin and become me,
Don’t you find it so becoming? Come, children and hush
Take a splintered piece of me, of your own – for your own.

It’s time to begin, to begin again.
To pull my bones out through my fingertips and write with them,
A story, of kind words – so hush.

(Words and photography are courtesy of keira Seerose. The outfit is an unique piece and it’s not for sale.)

The day after…

…and we are euphoric, satisfied, tired, in love.
This is my chance to thanks everybody who made the show possible, and who made it so touching and special.
It’s always a labor of love, for me, everythime I release a new BlackLabel collection; it’s something that takes birth from what is my RL, from my paintings and drawings, from my very personal taste, life, thoughts.
It is a very touching and hard experience to let it go when it’s the time, to open the doors and let people see it, own it, live it.
And everytime it happens, I hope with all my heart that it won’t be just a dress to wear, but a fragment of a new experience.
It’s a lot of work. It takes passion, patience, determination. It takes confidence.
It takes time, and love.
It takes the beautiful people that surrounded me with everything I needed and could have asked for.
Winter Jefferson, best of friends, spoiled Muse, little prince to my nature of fox, who spent hours with me, inspiring this, and then brainstorming with me to create a show concept, and that stayed up long nights to help me and gift me his wonderful performance during the show; and his daughter, who demanded a dress made of flowers, and who got it of course. That’s what you do when a princess demands something. And it became one of my favorite pieces in this collection.
Dahlia Joubert, who worked so hard and with such an incredible strenght and patience to fine tune the show, train the models, and what’s more important, to support me as a friend. Oh and who stood the bother of my doubts and strange requests^^
Mavi Beck, cause she is my sweet friend and listened to me freaking out… plus her work suggestions, of course.
Keira Seerose was amazing enough to compose the opening poetry. Thank you. So so so much.
All the Modavia team of course, the beautiful models who accepted my twisted vision and my weird request of a fashion show different from the usual.
Tourette Laval, who offered us the perfect music for the show, and she was able to understand what I wanted from her. And trust me, if you heard me describing music, you would understand it’s not an easy task!
Photos Nikolaidis and Storm Torvalar, who created the beautiful jewelry we displayed at the show; it’s amazing how much they can sing to my weird soul! The fact that I call them family is one more thing I am extremely grateful for.
Aida Ewing and M4rylin Magic: first, for creating two special skins that fit my collection in a wonderful and haunting way; second, for being my special guests in the thrid replica of the show, performing as the Lovers. They are one of the most sweet and wonderful couples of SL, and it was a true honour to have them in that role.
Ruy Bury created the great animations that were such a sweet sweet part of the show, while I owe my gratitude to Del May and Marcopol Oh for the static poses that were perfect for my goal.
Del May and Marcopol Oh are also the fantastic artists that accepted to display their artworks in the room where the show took place, and for this I am grateful.
Thalia Heckrot was supportive enough to guest me and my million of prims in her own sim. Because, darlings, let’s face it: BlackLabel it’s always so terribly primmy! Without her, I would have had more troubles with all the linking and taking back to inventory…so thankyou, la Thalia!
The Staff behind Miamai has my deepest gratitude for supporting me, helping me reach people with my vision, giving me the chance to let my little voice be heard in this big world. it’s an honour to have you all working with me.

This show saw the public itself as a very important performer. Thing is, you make art for people to see it.
You create art for your soul, but you need someone to look at it. Otherwise, it’s like talking to yourself in an empty room.
This is why my work is possible thanks to you all who follow me, who take your time to look at what I create, who decide to spend your money supporting my work.
Miamai would not be possible without you.
BlackLabel would never have born if not for your constant and beautiful pouring love on my creations.
And the courage to create a new collection everytime, it comes from the confidence you give me when you appreciate my work.
So this is my thankyou to all of you, beautiful people of Second Life, for having accepted my vision with an open mind, and having loved it.

Thankyou for making this possible, to every one of you.
I love you.

(And forgive me for the typos and mistakes in this post. I promise, I checked it twice. I just have some not resolved conflicts with the english language!)

Oh….OZ Jeans

Hello, Miamai fans :)

In case you haven’t noticed, there are new fabulous jeans in da house:


Sexy, slim jeans with sculpt cuff, and a sweet back shading to die for *_*
There’s also a male version!

Soooo, guys and girls, are you ready to go get that OZ coolness?

Taxi to Miamai, City Girl department:
(you guys go to the City Man dept. :P)



Christmas exclusive dresses!

Hello, Miamai lovers!

Are you ready for Christmas time????

If you’re not, meet Aruee and Avalanche and you’ll start doing a crazy Christmas dance (whatever that is^^).  Aruee and Avalanche are two Christmas exclusive dresses: they’re original, special, fabulous!

Get ready for some peacock feathers/candycanes/lil snowmen feast and come get these new Miamai gems:



Aren’t they amazing????