Miamai:: EssenX Pumps @ L’accessoires

It is the last round of 2014 at L’accessoires and just in time for the Holidays!

Miamai’s Cobbler has been at the design table dreaming up the latest in cutting edge footwear the EssenX Pumps. Our shoe designer then lovingly crafted the latest creation into reality, part practicality, part sensual and completely a work of art. The EssenX Pumps will demand you to push your styling capabilities to the edge and delight in the results!  To truly appreciate these amazing heels you have to try The EssenX Pumps on and you can do so now at L’Accessoires December 15th till January 8th.


MIAMAI_EssenX pumps (Slink High) ADS

*For Slink High Feet, Rigged Mesh, Materials, 100% Original Mesh by Miamai.

MIAMAI_EssenX pumps - Red (Slink High) ADS

MIAMAI_EssenX pumps - Coal (Slink High) ADS

MIAMAI_EssenX pumps - Silver (Slink High) ADS



Miamai:: Sorceress Heavy Protection @ We<3RP

Battle ready yet still beautifully detailed the Sorceress Heavy Metal Protection is the finishing touch for the Magical ones among us. Available in 3 different styles, Carnation, Dandelion, and Ivy you will enjoy the amazing detail and craftsmanship.  Each set comes with shoulder, elbow and knee armor that is copy, modify, materials, and 100% original mesh. The Sorceress Heavy metal Protection sets are 50% discount at We<3RP only.


Miamai_Sorceress Heavy Metal Protection - Dandelion Miamai_Sorceress Heavy Metal Protection - Carnation Miamai_Sorceress Heavy Metal Protection - Ivy




The Fantasy Collective is open and Miamai introduces the exclusive Minoo Ethereal Helm this month. In the battle between good and evil an angel of fashion needs a statement piece. The Minoo Ethereal Helm is that statement and is richly detailed with feathers, chainmail, leather straps and buckles securing the varnished celestial fabric that is delicately perched on a helm of metal. The Minoo Ethereal Helm is 100% original non rigged mesh and comes with a resizing HUD to easily adjust to fit you. You will delight in the amazing details that are enhanced with the use of Materials! Available in three versions, Obscure, Bloody, and Absolute the Minoo Ethereal Helm is only at The Fantasy Collective!

Minoo_ADS Absolute Minoo_ADS Obscure Minoo_ADS Bloody


MIAMAI:: 21SHOE Intollerance in Rose and Reagan Pumps in Shades of Red

WHAT:  21Shoe Event

WHEN: Friday November 21st (24 hours only)

WOW: Miamai Exclusive Special Edition Shoes 2 pairs for the price of 1, never to be sold again!

WHAT SHOES: Intollerance in Rose and Reagan Pumps in Shades of Red!




*Note: Intollerance in Rose and Reagan Pumps in Shade of Red will not be available for purchase after November 21st 2014. If you miss this chance you will miss these shoes. For the full list of participating stores join the Shoe21 Event Official Group in SecondLife.  All Miamai Slink AddOn shoes require the purchase of the compatible Slink mesh feet from Slink. Please try the demo before purchase.  As the items are no transfer we are unable to provide refunds.


Have you ever wanted to walk on the moon or the sun?  Have you ever dreamed that you were a harvest goddess your beauty glorious and radiant?  Ruralsun Pumps let you do just that.  Beautifully crafted with delicate embellishments of wheat, these unique pumps celebrate the symbols of the sky that are the focal points for so many Harvest festivals around the world.  The disk heels radiate with beauty as the thin straps hold the pumps in place.  You can find the Ruralsun Pumps at the Secret Affair,  November 15th – November 30.

Miamai_Ruralsun Silver pumps_TSA_ADS Miamai_Ruralsun Copper pumps_TSA_ADS Miamai_Ruralsun Gold pumps_TSA_ADS

*For Slink High Feet, Rigged Mesh, Materials, 100% Original Mesh by Miamai



MIAMAI is at The Secret Affair!
November 15th – November 30

Miamai_NikkalGoldFind the ultimate statement with the Nikkal Necklace by Miamai. Crafted out of Copper, Gold, and Silver the Nikkal Necklaces celebrate the Harvest and the Goddess within. The details on Nikkal are stunning, shafts of wheat symbolize the giving of thanks for the fruitful harvest of the summer past. The full moon a symbol in the night sky of the Goddess the rays shining down to the earth helping us glimpse behind the veil while it is thin. Yet could the hammered metal disk be the sun, the God who now is waiting for the seasons to turn, waiting for the time of the crone that is slowly blanketing the earth to pass, then as the wheel turns waiting to be born again in the Spring?

Miamai_NikkalCopper Supporting it all is the Earth Goddess herself crafted out of ancient stone, her head a rare gem bead symbolizing the earth. Stunning in its craftsmanship, fit for a Goddess, High Priestess, Witch, or a woman in touch with her own inner Goddess the Nikkal Necklace awaits you at The Secret Affair, November 15th – November 30.

*100% Original Non Rigged Mesh, Resizer, Materials, and Modify.



It is time for L’accessoires! Miamai brings a stunning new shoe to the event, the Armoniu Wedges. A sexy wedge that has an eye for pain equaling beauty and pleasure. The Armoniu Wedges has a platform that supports the heel structure, this structure is a piece of art in itself giving us a peek at the skeleton of a wedge heel, the layers peeled back to expose this inner truth. Much like a woman exposes her inner truth to the man who wields the velvet whip. The small wedges of wood pierce through reminding you to walk on your toes or else! Sensual and sexy it takes a woman who understands her own grace and beauty to wear these heels. The Armoniu Wedges, delicate yet industrial, sensual, sexy, controlling, take yourself to the edge of beauty, to the edge of pain, control your every step with the Armoniu Wedges available only at L’Accessoires.

L’accessoires runs November 15th till December 8th

Miamai_Armoniu wedges_L'accessoires November_ADS

*For Slink High Feet, Rigged Mesh, Materials, 100% Original Mesh by Miamai


Armoniu Silver_ADS Armoniu Coal_ADS Armoniu Gold_ADS Armoniu Red_ADS