Miamai is delighted to be in the February round of Shiny Shabby, a shopping event that is a dream come true for lovers of all things vintage-themed. For Miamai’s first time participating Monica has designed a beautiful collections of antique inspired hair combs, the Souvenir Combs. Lovingly crafted with flowers, pearls, ribbons, and cameos each hair comb is elegant and a romantic addition to your accessories. The Souvenir Combs Gacha has 12 commons and 3 rares that are transfer and modify so you can adjust them to your hairstyle. Shiny Shabby opens at 12 pm SLT on the 20th of February and closes on March 15th.



Miamai_SouvenirCombs Gacha AD
The Souvenir Combs are non rigged mesh, materials, and a 100% original creation by Miamai.

Miamai_SouvenirCombs Gacha Key

Event Lading Point


Shiny Shabby Website http://shinyshabby.com/

Shiny Shabby Flickr https://www.flickr.com/groups/2781746@N21/

Miamai :: Black Label Claustra Headpieces at WE<3 RP

Miamai is in the February round of We <3 RP with the first Black Label release of 2015 the ClaustraFlowerOfLife and ClaustraRunes Headpieces. The Caustra headpieces are seemingly simple but upon closer inspection the amazing details will captivate you, the flowing headdress woven from the dark fabric of the universe, the sacred symbols, and finally the metal veil with gems and tear drop stones that cloisters the wearer from the world. Each detail is absolutely perfect. The Black Label Claustra Headpieces will create a powerful fashion statement finding it’s place as the perfect headdress befitting your station in the grand spiral of creation. The Black Label Claustra Headpieces are a 100% original mesh creation of Miamai, materials, modify, and exclusively at We Love Rp!

40% off at:    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evanda%20Island/99/7/4002




MIAMAI:: Gorgo Metal Helmets at The Fantasy Collective

What if the ancient soldiers of the Mediterranean bent their knee to the god Poseidon or Neptune and all soldiers gave up the land for the oceans and their legs for the body of Mermen?  What would they wear?  How would their armor change? What would they become? Miamai answers those questions and the answer is magnificent yet terrible Miamai presents the Gorgo Metal Helmet at The Fantasy Collective!  The Gorgo Metal Helmets are available in three distinctive styles inspired by the warriors of ancient Rome, DeepPraetorians, Centuriones, and LightHastati!  Each style is very detailed with gorgeous metal work, fin side details, and an amazing flow of hair out the back.  Whether you swim in the waters or walk on two legs the Gorgo Metal Helmets are a one of kind piece for your armor collection.  Available exclusively at The Fantasy Collective the Gorgo Metal Helmets are unisex, 100% original mesh, materials, and resizable with the included HUD.


Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Deep Praetorians Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Deep Praetorians  Side ADS

Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Centuriones

Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Centuriones Side ADS

Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Light Hastati

Miamai_Gorgo metal helmet - TFC Jan 2015 - Light Hastati Side ADS

MIAMAI:: MerCombs Gacha at The Fantasy Collective

Miamai’s new MerCombs are exclusively at The Fantasy Collective this month.  This gacha is for mermaids and everyone who adores shells and hair combs!  Each comb is beautifully detailed and decorated with a variety of starfish, shells, coral, and pearls. There are 6 commons and 2 rares to collect! At 40L per play you can collect them all and share with friends!


Miamai’s new MerCombs are 100% original mesh creations, non rigged, modify, and transfer.






MIAMAI:: The Dramera helm – The Soul of Dragon @ The Secret Affair

The Secret Affair, January 15th – January 30.

The Dramera helm – The Soul of Dragon is richly detailed and simply stunning, a true collectors piece for anyone who loves armor. Photos can not do this piece justice and to try and describe the Dramera helm, I fall short in my eloquence. The Dramera helm is inspired by the dragons of the orient and made to be worn but at only 9 prims The Dramera helm can also be placed out as an amazing piece of art. This unisex helm is 100% original non rigged mesh, materials, and re-sizable via the included HUD. Only available at The Secret Affair.


Miamai_Dramera helm_The soul of Dragon - The steel - ADS

Miamai_Dramera helm_The soul of Dragon - The brass - ADS

Miamai_Dramera helm_The soul of Dragon - The gold - ADS


Miamai has released Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami – Dei and Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami – Yoru for the first round of WE <3 RP in 2015! These gorgeous hats are inspired by the traditional Japanese fishermen’s hat and named for the their patron god Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami. You will delight in all the little details from the ties that hold the netting in place around the edge to the beautiful scarf wrapped about the top of the hat. Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami – Dei and Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami – Yoru is only available at WE < RP 50% off the original price, 100% original mesh by Miamai, and comes with a re sizer HUD for that perfect fit!


Miamai_Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami - Dei ADS 002

Miamai_Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami - Dei ADS 001

Miamai_Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami - Yoru ADS 002

Miamai_Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami - Yoru ADS 001


Miamai:: EssenX Pumps @ L’accessoires

It is the last round of 2014 at L’accessoires and just in time for the Holidays!

Miamai’s Cobbler has been at the design table dreaming up the latest in cutting edge footwear the EssenX Pumps. Our shoe designer then lovingly crafted the latest creation into reality, part practicality, part sensual and completely a work of art. The EssenX Pumps will demand you to push your styling capabilities to the edge and delight in the results!  To truly appreciate these amazing heels you have to try The EssenX Pumps on and you can do so now at L’Accessoires December 15th till January 8th.


MIAMAI_EssenX pumps (Slink High) ADS

*For Slink High Feet, Rigged Mesh, Materials, 100% Original Mesh by Miamai.

MIAMAI_EssenX pumps - Red (Slink High) ADS

MIAMAI_EssenX pumps - Coal (Slink High) ADS

MIAMAI_EssenX pumps - Silver (Slink High) ADS