June 7th – June 20th, 2014

Dear Customers and Patrons of Miamai,

This year I am joining Fashion For Life in a little different way.  Some of you may know that I was close to Squinternet, the designer behind Donna Flora, whom recently left us due to cancer.  In the last months of her life, she missed creating for SL so I offered her to be her hands. Together we designed dresses for her brand.  We would look at pictures together for inspiration, brainstorm a little, I would make the mesh model and the texture, then Squinti would approve it.  Some weeks ago Cajsa Lilliehook contacted me to suggest that I have Miamai in FFL together with Donna Flora, in a way I am able to do this.  I am offering again the dresses we created together, 100% to RFL, in Squinternet’s memory. I think Cajsa had a beautiful idea, and that Squinti would indeed be happy to be part of this Fashion For Life!  For this particular event I created a special color of the Doris dress, that is available only for Fashion For Life.  The rest of the designs I offer are from my collection, and all of them are 50% to the RFL, except from the Shae gown.   The Shae Gown is something I created for a dear friend who happens to be an awesome kickass cancer survivor, and all purchases of the Shae Gown at the event is 75% to RFL.

Thankyou, Momo <3

Doris Peacock 100% to RFL (NEW)
Noemi in Silver & Gold 100% to RFL

DF_NoemiSilver DF_NoemiGold

Giulia Monochrome 100% to RFL

Shae Gown 75% to RFL


*All other Miamai designs at the Miamai FFL Location give 50% to RFL.*



BLOG FOR FASHION FOR LIFE:  http://ffl.iheartsl.com/

Fashion For Life 2014 Poster

FLICKR FOR FASHON FOR LIFE:  https://www.flickr.com/groups/fashionforlifesl/

Fashion For Life 2014 Sign - with Champions

My Vintage Wardrobe

Hello Everybody! I am very excited to present my work with Miamai, the Outlander Garden!
The Vintage Wardrobe. A monthly feature of hand picked creations from the Miamai closet. Restyled into new exclusive creations by Sylphia Constantine, me ^.~.
Each “session” will be out for a month only! So Run and Grab yours!
miamai 1
This Outfit I inspire in the Dear Owner of Miamai Monica Outlander. She is a lovely Lady, very kind and with a Endless imagination! I just could fancy her arounded by Pretty spring Flowers. So The Original piece that I use was Nanna, release some years ago, a fantastic blowing of Spring! I mod her creation to create a Top and a flower skirt. The Corset is from a  Bridal Gown called Evelina in Rose. Let the wind take your petals! =*******
Avaliable on Miamai Store!!!!
Sylphia Constantine


Fashion Pride is the perfect place to debut the new release of the Kia Gowns.  Shimmering  sequined fabric clings to the body and pools about your feet.  The skirt is split with an insert of beautifully detailed peacock feathered fabric with a matching accent at the bodice.  Available in eight colors and one special event color you will find the perfect shade to wrap yourself in elegance.  Kia is 100% original fitted mesh creation by Miamai, standards sizes, and materials ready.  You can find the Kia gown at Fashion Pride its premier venue.

Available in Black, Blue, Champagne, Diamond, Emerald, Ice, Red, Rust, and Fashion Pride Exclusive Dark Purple.

Available in Black, Blue, Champagne, Diamond, Emerald, Ice, Red, Rust, and Fashion Pride Exclusive Dark Purple.




When Dreams Become Reality


2014 Bridal Collection

A brides dress must reflect her style, her personality, and be the manifest of all her dreams.

It is a profound experience and must take her breath away.

The Miamai 2014 Bridal Collection celebrates all of this in a grand romantic release. Four beautiful new mesh gowns with feminine accents to provide the Wedding Dress of your dreams. A Special Edition of one of our best selling gowns transformed into a breathtaking Wedding Dress. Three Special Edition Gowns transformed into Bridesmaids Dresses and two Special Edition Pumps color matched to help with the final touches. Let your dreams become reality…..

The 2014 Bridal Collection



Available in: Blush, Dust, and Moonlight.


Available in: Blush, Champagne, Moonlight, and White.


Available in: Golden and Passion.

Special Editions of Shae from The BlackLabel Collection.


Available in: Moonlight and Powder.

Friends gather to stand with the bride, her attendants, her confidants,

those whom have heard every dream and delight in their cherished friends happiness.

Miamai has selected the three best selling gowns

and now present them in Special Editions for  Bridesmaids.


Available in: Champagne, Ciel, Lilac, Moonlight, Robin, and Romance.


Available in: Ice, Moonlight, Pale Gold, Powder Blue, and Romance.


Available in: Moonlight, Powder, Powder Blue, Purple, Robin, and Romance.

Re imagined in satin with just the right accents  we present the Special Editions of the Barbarella Pumps and the Xanadu Pumps. Perfectly color matched to help achieve the finished look with ease.

MIAMAI_Barbarella special edition - ADS (SLink medium)

Satin lace with diamonds for slink medium feet. Materials ready, 100% original rigged mesh by Miamai.
Available in: Alice blue, Apricot, Champagne, Moonlight, Pale gold, Pale plum, Robin

MIAMAI_Xanadu - special edition - ADS (SLink medium)

Satin ruffles with chains for slink medium feet. Materials ready, 100% original rigged mesh by Miamai
Available in: Alice blue, Moonlight, Pale gold, Pale plum, Robin



The next round of Enchantment begins at noon SLT on 2/1/2014.

With the theme of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ Moni could not resist creating the beautiful Blanchette Gown.

This gown answers the question,

“What if Little Red Riding Hood was a full grown woman?”

Stylish and fun, with more then a touch of innocence of course!

The Blanchette Gown is original mesh, materials ready, standard sizes, and is in an exclusive color only available at Enchantment.

Enchantment ends March 1st so if the sim is crowded do not give up or else you will loose your chance at owning this exclusive!

For more information on the event:  http://enchantmentinsl.wordpress.com/



One of the pleasures of working with Monica is introducing her latest designs.  Each one is incredible and unique.  Occasionally though there is a release that blows my mind away.  I just stare at myself in it, focused on the details entranced by the beauty of the design…. Harena is that gown.  A delicious mermaid gown with intricate beaded appliqué at the bodice,  across your upper back, and spilling down the gown.  Harena is  held delicately at the shoulders by lace, the lace also providing an accent across your mid section to show case more bead work.  Harena is available in 7 amazing colors, materials ready, and now in the Miamai Main Store new Release section.

Miamai: http://tinyurl.com/mgtkwps