New releases, infos, a gift!

Hello,everyone :)

This post is full of things: new releases for the ladies and the gents, infos about Lolas Tangos appliers and a new group gift.
So, let’s start.

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! New shoes for the girls and the guys :)

Meet Madeline, stylish and sexy ankle boots which come in many colors. These shoes have to be in your inventory, ladies^^

 photo Miamai_MadelineAnkles_playbill02_zps6fa68505.pngAnd you guys meet Dorian, ankle boots for you too, ’cause you also need to look cool, extremely cool in this case….hehehe.

 photo Miamai_DorianAnklesBoots_Playbill001_zpsa7c1dd65.png

 photo Miamai_DorianAnklesBoots_Playbill002_zps2626032d.png

Also for the ladies (and for the guys who want to make their ladies happy!) here’s Larah, partial mesh shirt which is simply elegant and sexy at the same time:
 photo Miamai_LarahA_zpsafc0a47b.png

 photo Miamai_LarahB_zpsd14e24f5.png

Lolas Tangos appliers are available for Larah and other selected Miamai bestsellers which are Milena, MaviEmilia/Red, Giorgia/Black in the Formal department plus Lilli Minidress and Amelie in the City Girl department.

Each applier is priced 99L$, please note that the dress does NOT include the applier, that must be purchased separately.
 photo Miamai_LolasTangoAppliersSIGN_zps893d958d.png

And now, the new group gift for the fantastic Miamai group members, it’s Larah in a special color:
 photo Miamai_LarahVIPGift_zps22a80165.png


After such great news you only need to tp to the store and have fun:


Anigma, Candy, Jake….. and gifts!

Hiya everybody, i hope you are all doing good.

Let me show you the most recent coolness from Miamai, i’m sure you ladies and gents will appreciate it soooo much! :P

Anigma, the fabulous gown created for Anigma Eulenberg for MVW 2013. It’s made of mesh and flexi prims, so beautiful and elegant, it makes you dream.

 photo Miamai_Anigma_zps2f4d6ed9.png

Yeah, such a dream *_*

Now meet Candy, stunning leather pumps which have to be a must in your inventory.

 photo Miamai_CandyPumpsLeatherHighHeels_zpseae3ecb3.png

Don’t you feel S E X Y when you wear them?

For our beloved boys, here’s Jake, a new mesh shirt.

 photo Miamai_JakeA_zpsef18c904.png

 photo Miamai_JakeB_zpsa462bc77.png

So original, so trendy. You guys don’t want to miss it!

Now now now i’m going to show you two new fantastic group gifts, the Candy Pumps and the Jake shirt in special colors:

 photo Miamai_CandyPumps_ResolutionSpecialGift_zps54ab2e89.png

 photo Miamai_JakeVIP_zpsffa3bcc5.png

Just wear your Miamai group tag and click on the gifts panels, then teleport to the right location for any of them.

Time to get the taxi, dear Miamai lovers:

Kisses :)

New mainstore, new releases, new gifts!!!

Hello Miamai addicted :)

As you might have noticed (hehe) the new Miamai Mainstore is finally open, Monica did a fantastic job, you all should tp over NOW ’cause it’s really worth a visit.
While there, you might want to check out Karna and Lorella, two new amazing releases.

Karna is an adorable mesh shirt, so girly, classy and cute at the same time:




And here’s the beautiful Lorella, very elegant and original gown (partial mesh):




Both Karna and Lorella come in various colors.

Aaaaaaand there’s something else: Karna and Lorella in two special colors as new GROUP GIFTS!

Have a look:




So…..are you still there?

Here’s your taxi:

Have fun :)


Miamai @ Hair Fair 2012

Hello, lovelies :)

I hope you won’t miss the chance to go visit the Hair Fair 2012 ’cause you will find five beautiful new hairstyles from Miamai.

Have a look:






Ohhhhh woohoo!!!!!

Monica worked on new textures and new colours to bring us the best of the best and now these new hair attachments are made of mesh instead of sculpts. Most of them are NOT rigged mesh, so you will be able to move them up or down (but not to edit linked parts), while one of them, Kirge, is rigged and you better try the demo on before purchasing it.

Each hairstyle comes with the matching hairbase colour, so you don’t have to worry about it.

All you have to worry about now is take the taxi and fly over Miamai spot at Hair Fair 2012, where a special gift is waiting for you:


Monica, we love you!

Ciao :)

Lazy Sunday, a hunt and a gift! Yay!

Hello, lovelies :)

It’s Wednesday, but Lazy Sunday items are still out at Miamai, so you’re still in time to go get the awesome Ara Shirt in tangerine and the lovely Bubbles couple pose:



Here’s your taxi:

Also: Miamai is participating in the Mesh Around Hunt, soooooo…if you find a little blue M hidden (or not!) somewhere, you might get a cool prize :P

And don’t forget about Susan, a free beautiful gown awaiting for you (in 3 colours!) at Miamai satellite store at Frank’s place! Yay!

Enjoy :)

Sale – New Release – Group Gift

Heya lovelies!

Are you ready for some more coolness from Miamai???

First of all, end of year sale from December 30th to January 1st: it’s the Gold Star Sale:


50% off on the gowns (in all colours) flagged with a golden star in the formal department, so you have the great opportunity to purchase at half price some wonderful gowns for end of the year and new year parties, yay!

Kleo, the new amazing release, is also tagged with the golden star:


Made of fascinating silk brocade textures and diamonds/feathers decorations, Kleo will make you shine :)

And the new group gift is out, the fab Araree makeup:


How beautiful is it? *_*


Enough news to get you excited? I think so.

Here’s your taxi:

Happy end of year, everyone!!!  xxx

New releases, Lazy Sunday and group gift!

Hello, lovelies^^
Come visit our renewed Mainstore, you’ll find some great surprises: new releases, Lazy Sunday items and a group gift! Oh yeah ;)

In the City Girl section a new release is waiting for you, the amazing Linda Jumpsuit which is available in different colours:


Glamorous, sexy, modern. What else do you need? :P

A short version of the Linda jumpsuit, in a delicate blue colour, is the new Lazy Sunday item and I bet you don’t want to miss this fantastic bargain:


Only 75L$! OMG, you better run!

While you there, also check the other Lazy Sunday item, the “I was only Dreaming” Model Poses, a 10 poses pack which you can get for only 75L$. Wow!

Enough reasons to RUN to Miamai NOW????
Wait…..wait….I’ve got another one: a new VIP group gift, a short version of the Linda jumpsuit in black. WooHoo!

Taxi to Miamai

Have fun! :)

It’s Halloween at Miamai!

It’s Halloween time and we LOVE Halloween at Miamai! … we love spiders and ghosts and skulls…and vampires….

And we prepared a gift for you!
One for the girls, one for the boys…

For the girls: our newest Mesh boots, Hiatus, in a special orange spooky version with spiders and webs.

For the boys: sculpted boots in orange version, with tiny spider and flexi spiderwebs!

You can get them at Miamai Mainstore, at the landing point, where all the Halloweeny pumpkins and black kitties are!

Taxi to Miamai!