We <3 RP is open and Miamai introduces the Gajah Bulan Combs in Dark Moon and Silver Moon.  Beautiful and mystical these combs celebrate the phases of the moon, wisdom, femininity, and knowledge passed down through generations.  Worn as a statement piece, rp accessory, or for your ritual under the moon Gajah Bulan will find an essential place in your wardrobe. Gajah Bulan Combs are a 100% original mesh creation of Miamai, materials, resize via HUD, and exclusively at We Love Rp!

Miamai_Gajah Bulan - Silver Moon_ADS

 50% off during WE<3RP!

Miamai_Gajah Bulan - Dark Moon_ADS



Miamai has two versions of the Subject Imperial Hats at The Fantasy Collective this month. It is the industrial themed round of The Fantasy Collective and our mad hatter Pill had a bit of fun designing these brimless stovepipe hats! Each version has a tall leather stovepipe trimmed in metal then adorned with mechanical ornamentation complete synthetic black dreads secured at the nap of the neck with a re-purposed air filter! Subject Imperial hats are non rigged 100% original Miamai mesh, materials, and comes with a resizing HUD.

Miamai_Subject Imperial - Obscuria ADS





Miamai_Subject Imperial - Luminarii ADS


Miamai is delighted to be in the February round of Shiny Shabby, a shopping event that is a dream come true for lovers of all things vintage-themed. For Miamai’s first time participating Monica has designed a beautiful collections of antique inspired hair combs, the Souvenir Combs. Lovingly crafted with flowers, pearls, ribbons, and cameos each hair comb is elegant and a romantic addition to your accessories. The Souvenir Combs Gacha has 12 commons and 3 rares that are transfer and modify so you can adjust them to your hairstyle. Shiny Shabby opens at 12 pm SLT on the 20th of February and closes on March 15th.



Miamai_SouvenirCombs Gacha AD
The Souvenir Combs are non rigged mesh, materials, and a 100% original creation by Miamai.

Miamai_SouvenirCombs Gacha Key

Event Lading Point


Shiny Shabby Website http://shinyshabby.com/

Shiny Shabby Flickr https://www.flickr.com/groups/2781746@N21/

MIAMAI:: MerCombs Gacha at The Fantasy Collective

Miamai’s new MerCombs are exclusively at The Fantasy Collective this month.  This gacha is for mermaids and everyone who adores shells and hair combs!  Each comb is beautifully detailed and decorated with a variety of starfish, shells, coral, and pearls. There are 6 commons and 2 rares to collect! At 40L per play you can collect them all and share with friends!


Miamai’s new MerCombs are 100% original mesh creations, non rigged, modify, and transfer.






MIAMAI:: Chrysalia and Chryella @ The Secret Affair

The Secret Affair, January 15th – January 30.

Miamai presents Chrysalia and Chryella two beautiful hairs adorned with crowns of crystals and pearls. Chrysalia is an updo with fringe and bangs that hints at the powerful woman hiding beneath the surface. Chryella is a medium length hair that is wild and unreserved, the locks having escaped to flow freely in the breeze. Chrysalia and Chryella are Both Chrysalia and Chreylla come with matching hair bases and in three mega color pack choices, Naturals, Colors, and Ombre. Only available at The Secret Affair.


Miamai_Chrysalia Miamai_Chryella


Miamai_SecretAffair_ShadowlandADMIAMAI is at The Secret Affair!
September 15th – September 30

The Shadowland Hair Accessories
5 commons and 2 rares
50L per play

Beautiful 100 percent original mesh hair accessories created with feathers, ribbons, jewels, satin, and pins.

Each one is modify, non rigged, and transfer so that you may adjust to fit your hair of choice or trade with your friends.

Only available at The Secret Affair!



Miamai:: Faery Headpieces @ The Arcade Gacha Event



It is Arcade time again and Miamai is there!  The Faery Headpieces will entice you to embrace your magical and whimsical side.  Try your luck and collect all 12 commons and 3 very special Rares!  All of the Faery Headpieces are 100% original non rigged mesh, materials, and modify so you can adjust them!