Miamai @ L’accessoires:: La faveur hat

It is time for L’accessoires!  Miamai makes a stunning Spring fashion statement with the La faveur hat.  This wonderful Unisex hat comes in 12 styles with varying colors, fabrics, and embellishments.  The La faveur hat gives you the choice between 8 hair colors and the ability to resize using the included hud.  This fun and sexy hat is materials ready and 100% original mesh design by Miamai.  L’accessoires runs  March 15th till April 8th.

Miamai La faveur ha
Miamai @ L’accessoire:



Ojaa is a new look at the classic ponytail.    Ojaa starts with the hair carefully smoothed back away from the face letting your natural bone structure shine through. Then in a celebration of  uniqueness the hair is back combed and styled into individual waves of volume and secured at the back with pearls, the illusion is stunning.  Ojaa comes in both female and male sizes in each of the six available color packs, matching hair bases, and a hud to allow you to change the pearl texture or hide them all together.  Mesh, materials ready and now in the Miamai Main Store.


Right now in the Miamai Inworld VIP Group is a special members only version of Ojaa called CandyPants.



The designers, staff, and models of Miamai want to wish our customers a very Merry Christmas. To celebrate the season we are releasing three beautiful exclusive Christmas versions of some our best selling accessories at a promotional price.  The Barons Top Hat a unisex hat with hud driven hair options including no hair.  The Silk High boots in an wonderful red color and for our gentlemen we have the Miles Oxfords.  All three items are materials ready and in an exclusive color.



MIAMAI_Barons top hat - xmas Miamai_SilkHighBoots_ChristmasSpecial MIAMAI_Otis-Oxford - xmas

Fidelio at faMESHed

Miamai presents a new hat for faMESHed, the Fidelio.  This unisex leather hat is materials ready with a hud for the hair, studs, and logo! Swing by faMESHed today to get the perfect ‘out for the day’  hat,  the Fidelio.

MIAMAI_Fidelio leather hat - faMESHed

Swing by faMESHed today.


Enchanted: Grimhilde Hair

We are part of this round of Enchanted, an event built around fairtytales!

For this round, we created a queenish hairdo: Grimhilde, in 3 special colors that will be sold ONLY at the event (so, dont miss them, once the event is over they are gone for good!)


They are not rigged mesh (resizable), they come with a material that makes them sparkle in the light, and with matching hairbase included.

Landmark to the Enchanted event


Nju Hair and a special Halloween


Nju is a ponytail, rigged mesh with hairbase, that will fit gents and ladies.
It is no modify, and it comes in two sizes for men and two for women.

You can purchase it at Miamai Mainstore or on the Marketplace


And a special Halloween version that is a fancy addition to your scary outfit!
For a special price of 100L$, a set of 6 colors with devil horn headband, again in 2 sizes for women and 2 sizes for men.

Find it at Miamai Mainstore or on the Marketplace

Miamai @ Hair Fair 2012

Hello, lovelies :)

I hope you won’t miss the chance to go visit the Hair Fair 2012 ’cause you will find five beautiful new hairstyles from Miamai.

Have a look:






Ohhhhh woohoo!!!!!

Monica worked on new textures and new colours to bring us the best of the best and now these new hair attachments are made of mesh instead of sculpts. Most of them are NOT rigged mesh, so you will be able to move them up or down (but not to edit linked parts), while one of them, Kirge, is rigged and you better try the demo on before purchasing it.

Each hairstyle comes with the matching hairbase colour, so you don’t have to worry about it.

All you have to worry about now is take the taxi and fly over Miamai spot at Hair Fair 2012, where a special gift is waiting for you:


Monica, we love you!

Ciao :)

Hair Fair 2011 – Miamai Hair Couture

Hair Fair 2011 is now open and Miamai Hair Couture collection is a must see!!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course, the always generous Monica Outlander has included a gift for all the Hair Fair devotees

Your Hair Fair 2011 Limo



New Colour Releases in Hair Couture

We are proud to say that the hair created especially for the collaboration with Glam Affair – namely the JADIS YUKI Skin – is now available in all the usual fabulous colours we are renowned for. I have decided to just include a few photo’s to serve as a reminder :)

Landmark:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amat/64/172/25