Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Congratulations to our Blog Scavenger Hunt winners! We at Miamai wish to thank everyone who played. We could not have created this amazing Scavenger Hunt without the dedication and wonderful creativity of the bloggers whom helped us. Their participation made all the difference in the world. We had so much fun creating and implementing this scavenger hunt! These lucky ladies have won the entire Luxe Spring Collection! Their inventory exploded with an amazing new wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean yours cannot as well. Hop on over to Miamai and have a look see for yourself.

Grand Prize Winners:
1) Januh Kilara
2) Jeannie Jannings
3) LaiLaniLove Resident

Honorable Mentions:

Giada Brentley wins $4000L in Miamai store credit

Holly Portland wins $3000L in Miamai store credit

Miamai Presents the Luxe Scavenger Hunt!

logo miamai[2]

On April 12th at 10am SLT Miamai will launch it’s brand new Spring line but before we do… there will be shenanigans (lots of them) and you’re all invited to participate!

Beginning April 10th and carrying through into the 11th a series of nine bloggers from across the grid will be giving you all sneak previews of the Luxe Collection as well as hiding clever answers to questions within their blog. The game is simple:

The first three people to find all the hidden answers to the questions below and submit those answers correctly via notecard to Shae Sixpence will win the entire Luxe Collection. Including the shoes… that’s right we said the shoes too. All of them.

The questions? What are they? Oh, okay…

1. What is Monica Outlander’s favorite color?

2. What is Monica Outlander’s favorite flower?

3. In what year was Miamai established?

4. Why has the new line been named Luxe?

5. What items in the collection are named after friends of Monica Outlander?

6. After five years of naming her creations, how does Monica Outlander continue to find unique names for her creations?

7. For the Style Icon Fair Miamai released a preview of the Luxe line. What Icon did Miamai draw inspiration from?

8. How many color options are there for the new Luxe shoes?

9. What fabrics are used most in the Luxe line?

You’re going to have to stalk these blogs but please do NOT stalk the bloggers themselves. They have agreed to participate in this event so all of us can have fun. Please, keep the game fun and just hover over their blogs and not the bloggers themselves. The blogs you’ll be watching during April 10th and 11th are:

Strawberry Singh 
Foxx Pawpad
Caoimhe Lionheart
Sylphia Constantine
Harlow Heslop
Kynne Llewellyn
Shae Sixpence
Harper Beresford
Grazia Horwitz 

The winners will be announced at the launch party on the 12th which starts at 10am SLT. Plan to join us, lots of gifts and fun to be had by all!




Fashion Pride is the perfect place to debut the new release of the Kia Gowns.  Shimmering  sequined fabric clings to the body and pools about your feet.  The skirt is split with an insert of beautifully detailed peacock feathered fabric with a matching accent at the bodice.  Available in eight colors and one special event color you will find the perfect shade to wrap yourself in elegance.  Kia is 100% original fitted mesh creation by Miamai, standards sizes, and materials ready.  You can find the Kia gown at Fashion Pride its premier venue.

Available in Black, Blue, Champagne, Diamond, Emerald, Ice, Red, Rust, and Fashion Pride Exclusive Dark Purple.

Available in Black, Blue, Champagne, Diamond, Emerald, Ice, Red, Rust, and Fashion Pride Exclusive Dark Purple.






As we transition through the seasons we celebrate each one in beautiful and glorious ways. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. It is a time to open the windows and let the fresh air cleanse our homes as well as our lives. To celebrate the seasonal change we have reduced the prices on the City Girl Collection by marking items down 50 to 70% off.

Now is the perfect time to round out your wardrobe from Miamai because once the cleanse is finished the collection will be retired forever. Come, help us celebrate!




Miamai has a satellite location at Slink West a new sim dedicated to Slink Add On and Slink Applier items! We are very excited to join in this premiere shopping venue. The Miamai design team held nothing back and decided that a beautiful new rendition of the amazing Natur’O Pumps was needed. This exclusive edition of the Natur’O Leather Pumps has fine leather combined with very small and delicate sequins. The Natur’O pumps are for Slink Mid Feet and are rigged 100% original creation by Miamai.

MIAMAI_Natur'O leather (pumps) Prestige_add-on Slink - ADS

Available in the following colors: Blood, Emera, Hard, Coal, and Indi

For the first week to celebrate the opening of Slink West we will be marking the Prestige – Coal version at 50% off!


When Dreams Become Reality


2014 Bridal Collection

A brides dress must reflect her style, her personality, and be the manifest of all her dreams.

It is a profound experience and must take her breath away.

The Miamai 2014 Bridal Collection celebrates all of this in a grand romantic release. Four beautiful new mesh gowns with feminine accents to provide the Wedding Dress of your dreams. A Special Edition of one of our best selling gowns transformed into a breathtaking Wedding Dress. Three Special Edition Gowns transformed into Bridesmaids Dresses and two Special Edition Pumps color matched to help with the final touches. Let your dreams become reality…..

The 2014 Bridal Collection



Available in: Blush, Dust, and Moonlight.


Available in: Blush, Champagne, Moonlight, and White.


Available in: Golden and Passion.

Special Editions of Shae from The BlackLabel Collection.


Available in: Moonlight and Powder.

Friends gather to stand with the bride, her attendants, her confidants,

those whom have heard every dream and delight in their cherished friends happiness.

Miamai has selected the three best selling gowns

and now present them in Special Editions for  Bridesmaids.


Available in: Champagne, Ciel, Lilac, Moonlight, Robin, and Romance.


Available in: Ice, Moonlight, Pale Gold, Powder Blue, and Romance.


Available in: Moonlight, Powder, Powder Blue, Purple, Robin, and Romance.

Re imagined in satin with just the right accents  we present the Special Editions of the Barbarella Pumps and the Xanadu Pumps. Perfectly color matched to help achieve the finished look with ease.

MIAMAI_Barbarella special edition - ADS (SLink medium)

Satin lace with diamonds for slink medium feet. Materials ready, 100% original rigged mesh by Miamai.
Available in: Alice blue, Apricot, Champagne, Moonlight, Pale gold, Pale plum, Robin

MIAMAI_Xanadu - special edition - ADS (SLink medium)

Satin ruffles with chains for slink medium feet. Materials ready, 100% original rigged mesh by Miamai
Available in: Alice blue, Moonlight, Pale gold, Pale plum, Robin


If ever there was a bohemian goddess, she was named Vali Myers.  She lived her life with intensity in tune with her own inner drum.  She channeled everything into her artwork.  Her passion, beliefs, and emotions all found life on canvas.  Vali inspired other artists and was a key figure in the 1950′s bohemian art scene and in turn she inspired writers, photographers, fashion designers, and Monica.  Vali is one of Moni’s hero’s and an inspiration to her.  Now why this is so important is because Miamai is in The Style Icon Fair.  Legal Insanity asked designers to create an exclusive  inspired by a style icon.  Moni took this opportunity to capture the spirit of Vali Myers who influence  has meant so much to her and share with all of us!

The Vali Collection is bohemian at its best.  Four beautiful ruffled gypsy blouses that create a romantic and carefree feeling about your styling. Form fitting slacks with or without a fabulously fun belt, you choose!  To set the finishing touches Moni created an adorable fox necklace and hand drew  the  Vali Myers Iconic face tattoo.  All pieces are sold separately, original mesh, materials ready, standard sizing and awaiting you at The Style Icon Fair.


Miamai Vali Shirts Full

Miamai Vali Pants




February 07th – February 28th