SALE wait did we say sale! Yes we did!  It is time for the Summer Shoe Sale!  50% to 70% off on specially marked shoes!  When you land at Miamai follow the pink arrows to the sale location and shop to your hearts delight.  Make sure to wear your Miamai tag to earn store credit and remember once this sale is over these shoes are gone!




logo miamai[2]


WHAT:  21Shoe Event

WHEN: Saturday June 21st (24 hours only)

WOW: Miamai Exclusive Special Edition Shoes 2 pairs for the price of 1, never to be sold again!

WHAT SHOES: Intollerance in Macula and Curiosity in Reddish!



Miamai_21shoes - 21st June - ADS

*Note: Intollerance in Macula and Curiosity in Reddish will not be available for purchase after June 21st 2014.  If you miss this chance you will miss these shoes.  For the full list of participating stores join the Shoe21 Event Update Group in SecondLife.

Miamai:: Jelly Summer Platform Slippers @ L’accessoires

June 15th till July 8th

Miamai celebrates this round of L’accessoires with the Jelly Summer Platform Slipper. Summer fills the world with color which has lead our designers to reflect the care free soul of the season by using vibrant patterned canvas, latex, and leather, then ornamenting each shoe with precious stones to sparkle in the sun! The Jelly Summer Platform Slippers are the perfect showcase for your pedicures on the beach or an afternoon spent shopping with your friends. You can find the Jelly Summer Platform Slipper only at L’accessoires.

MIAMAI_Jelly summer platform slipper_ADS


The Jelly Platform Summer Slippers are available in 9 wonderful versions, materials ready, and is an original mesh creation rigged to be an add on for Slink Flat Feet.


Miamai @ L’accessoires




Curiosity, Difference, & Indifference ~ Luxe Miamai’s Spring Collection 2014

Sophistication, romance, elegance, and fun come together in Luxe, Miamai’s Spring Collection 2014. We have combined amazing pieces with richly detailed fabrics and patterns to bring you this one of a kind luxurious line. We hope that you will be inspired and delighted as you wrap yourself in these designs. Each piece is original mesh, materials ready, and in standard sizing. Whether it be a romantic night in the boudoir, a spring garden party, or just a day of shopping with your friends you will find the pieces that are sure to become the cornerstone of your Spring wardrobe. Also with each purchase you will find a random free gift located inside your package, a stylish spring bag. Only available as a gift with purchase, to collect them all you will need to buy the entire Luxe Collection!

Beautifully inspired by classic stiletto pumps with a touch of playful thrown in. Curiosity is a tribute to the line of a woman’s foot. Richly detailed with a splash of shimmering jewels on the toes and a delicate strap embracing the heel.


The perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe Difference pairs nicely with the Jania Pants or any of your summer pants and skirts. You will delight in the cut out along the foot secured in place by gem accents. The Gems and Metals are HUD customizable.


At first glance you think oh another shoe with studs. Look closer at Indifference and be mystified by the illusion the small cutout areas in between the studs create. Indifference is completely stunning in its detail!

Luxe~ Luxurious Casual Fashion for every woman at Miamai:


logo miamai[2]

Miamai @ L’accessoires:: Intollerance Ankle Pumps

May L’accessoires starts on the 15th and Miamai walks into the event with the Intollerance Ankle Pumps!  These must have canvas pumps are beautifully detailed with rows of sequin down the front and trimmed in leather with a statuesque leather heal that celebrates the beauty of the female foot.  As we enjoy the warmer weather and start showing more leg the Intollerance Ankle Pumps are the cornerstone in your spring wardrobe lineup!  The Intollerance Ankle Pumps are available in 14 wonderful colors, materials ready, for Slink High feet, and comes with a HUD to change the metal color  of the zipper and logo.

L’accessoires runs May 15th to June 8th.


Miamai @ L’accessoires:


logo miamai[2]

Miamai @ L’accessoires:: The Organica Pumps

It is time for L’accessoires! Miamai brings a stunning new shoe to the event, the Organica pumps. A wonderful pump with an organic platform that catches the eye and begs for a closer look. These platform pumps are like wearing a piece of modern art. You will delight in its clean flowing design, beautiful textures, and cut out design. Head to L’accessoires and try the demo to understand how beautiful these truly are. The Organica Pumps are available in a multitude of wonderful colors, materials ready, and for Slink Mid feet.

L’accessoires runs April 15th till May 8th.


MIAMAI_Organica pumps - Playbill002


MIAMAI_Organica pumps - Playbill001

Miamai @ L’accessoires:



WHAT:  21Shoe Event

WHEN: Friday March 21st (24 hours only)

WOW: Miamai Exclusive Special Edition Shoes 2 for the price of 1, never to be sold again!

WHAT SHOES: Natur’o Prestige  in Stardust and Barbarella in Luminous Heart!



MIAMAI_21shoeEvent - MARCH 21st only!



*Note: Natur’o Prestige in Stardust and Barbarella in Luminous Heart will not be available to purchase after March 21st 2014.  If you miss this chance you will miss these shoes.  For the full list of participating stores join the Shoe21 Event Update Group in SecondLife.


Miamai has a satellite location at Slink West a new sim dedicated to Slink Add On and Slink Applier items! We are very excited to join in this premiere shopping venue. The Miamai design team held nothing back and decided that a beautiful new rendition of the amazing Natur’O Pumps was needed. This exclusive edition of the Natur’O Leather Pumps has fine leather combined with very small and delicate sequins. The Natur’O pumps are for Slink Mid Feet and are rigged 100% original creation by Miamai.

MIAMAI_Natur'O leather (pumps) Prestige_add-on Slink - ADS

Available in the following colors: Blood, Emera, Hard, Coal, and Indi

For the first week to celebrate the opening of Slink West we will be marking the Prestige – Coal version at 50% off!



Miamai is proud to be a sponsor in this years Womenstuff hunt!

March 1 – March 31

Our Hint:

 Take teleporter to BlackLabel Section.  “She holds court in a fairies glade.  Her flowering crown hides her secret face.”


MIAMAI_Natur'O leather (pumps) Prestige_add-on Slink - ADS

Hints will be available on the Womenstuff Web Page


When Dreams Become Reality


2014 Bridal Collection

A brides dress must reflect her style, her personality, and be the manifest of all her dreams.

It is a profound experience and must take her breath away.

The Miamai 2014 Bridal Collection celebrates all of this in a grand romantic release. Four beautiful new mesh gowns with feminine accents to provide the Wedding Dress of your dreams. A Special Edition of one of our best selling gowns transformed into a breathtaking Wedding Dress. Three Special Edition Gowns transformed into Bridesmaids Dresses and two Special Edition Pumps color matched to help with the final touches. Let your dreams become reality…..

The 2014 Bridal Collection



Available in: Blush, Dust, and Moonlight.


Available in: Blush, Champagne, Moonlight, and White.


Available in: Golden and Passion.

Special Editions of Shae from The BlackLabel Collection.


Available in: Moonlight and Powder.

Friends gather to stand with the bride, her attendants, her confidants,

those whom have heard every dream and delight in their cherished friends happiness.

Miamai has selected the three best selling gowns

and now present them in Special Editions for  Bridesmaids.


Available in: Champagne, Ciel, Lilac, Moonlight, Robin, and Romance.


Available in: Ice, Moonlight, Pale Gold, Powder Blue, and Romance.


Available in: Moonlight, Powder, Powder Blue, Purple, Robin, and Romance.

Re imagined in satin with just the right accents  we present the Special Editions of the Barbarella Pumps and the Xanadu Pumps. Perfectly color matched to help achieve the finished look with ease.

MIAMAI_Barbarella special edition - ADS (SLink medium)

Satin lace with diamonds for slink medium feet. Materials ready, 100% original rigged mesh by Miamai.
Available in: Alice blue, Apricot, Champagne, Moonlight, Pale gold, Pale plum, Robin

MIAMAI_Xanadu - special edition - ADS (SLink medium)

Satin ruffles with chains for slink medium feet. Materials ready, 100% original rigged mesh by Miamai
Available in: Alice blue, Moonlight, Pale gold, Pale plum, Robin