MIAMIA:: Caravan Kitchen Clutter Gacha

Miamai for your home? Absolutely!  Miamai has brought the unique style that has defined Miamai fashion to items for your home!  Miamai has released a wonderful grouping of boho inspired accessories for your kitchen, the Caravan Kitchen Clutter Gacha. Quirky and fun these pieces will add the finishing touches to individualize your kitchen space. Only available at the March round of Shiny Shabby the Caravan Kitchen Clutter Gacha has 20 commons and 2 rares that are transfer, modify, materials, and is a 100% original creation by Miamai. Shiny Shabby opens at 12 pm SLT on the 20th of March and closes on April 15th.

Miamai_CaravanKitchenClutterGacha_Shiny Shabby'15_ADS

Miamai_CaravanKitchenClutterGacha_Shiny Shabby'15_KEY


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March 15th – March 30.

Miamai presents the Redux Plate Necklaces in brass, copper, iron, and darkened iron. Hand crafted from old scratched metal plate, metallic rope, ruined studs, and old cloth these apocalyptic necklaces are evidence that style and fashion will never be denied! The Redux Plate Necklaces are 100% original non rigged mesh , re-sizable via the included HUD, and only available at The Secret Affair.

Miamai_Redux plate necklace - Copper - The Secret Affair March 2015 - ADS

Miamai_Redux plate necklace - Darken Iron - The Secret Affair March 2015 - ADS

Miamai_Redux plate necklace - Iron - The Secret Affair March 2015 - ADS

Miamai_Redux plate necklace - Brass - The Secret Affair March 2015 - ADS


We <3 RP is open and Miamai introduces the Gajah Bulan Combs in Dark Moon and Silver Moon.  Beautiful and mystical these combs celebrate the phases of the moon, wisdom, femininity, and knowledge passed down through generations.  Worn as a statement piece, rp accessory, or for your ritual under the moon Gajah Bulan will find an essential place in your wardrobe. Gajah Bulan Combs are a 100% original mesh creation of Miamai, materials, resize via HUD, and exclusively at We Love Rp!

Miamai_Gajah Bulan - Silver Moon_ADS

 50% off during WE<3RP!

Miamai_Gajah Bulan - Dark Moon_ADS


We have our first Maitreya Body Applier out in the Miamai Main Store! Our first venture into supplying Maitreya Body appliers is for Suane in both Crimson and Black! If you have already purchased Suane you can purchase the applier separately.

Suane a beautiful design and part of the Luxe collection. Romantic lace clings to your body sensually enhancing every wonderful curve. Suane comes in black or crimson clothing layers with the following appliers available: SLink Physique, Lola Tango Breast, and a notecard to use with your mesh ass of choice.




I am happy to introduce you to my little friends, the Sprites!
They come straight to my real life, they have been hanging out with me since some months.
In my real life, they are little needle felted, benevolent Spirits who like to keep you company, help and protect you.
I create them from wool, sculpting them with a felting needle, and they carry herbs that I gather and crystals, to bring you the benefits of the Earth Medicine.  They also like to dress up.

Since they are curious little buddies always looking for new friends, we decided it was fun to bring them to Second Life as well…and here they are!

Miamai_ArcadeGacha_SpritesKey1024I tried to stay loyal to the helping purpose they have, so I gave them crystals with specific intents.
Here is a list of the Sprites of this gacha and the relative stones:

FOX Goodluck: Tiger Eye, Quartz, Citrine
BEAR Strength: Carnelian, Garnet
CAT Love: Rhodonite, Rose Quartz
DEER Spirituality: Amethyst, Clear Quartz
DEER Radiant Love (RARE): Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz
WOLF Focus: Fluorite, Amethyst
OWL Friendship: Turquoise, Citrine, Rose Quartz
CROW Protection: Tiger Eye, Onyx, Smokey Quartz
HANGER Protection (RARE): Labradorite, Amethyst, ALGIZ rune

Sprites, Hanger and the display are modify; however, be careful when stretching them to a bigger size, because the land impact will rise!

We hope that you will enjoy the company of these special little friends.
They have been created to sit on their shelf or rezzed around your home, however you can easily wear them on your shoulder with some basic editing skills.

Love! <3 Moni

Sprite Felt Friends are 100% Original Miamai Mesh Creation, Modify, Transfer, only 0.5 LI, and exclusive to The Arcade Gacha Event:


Miamai has two versions of the Subject Imperial Hats at The Fantasy Collective this month. It is the industrial themed round of The Fantasy Collective and our mad hatter Pill had a bit of fun designing these brimless stovepipe hats! Each version has a tall leather stovepipe trimmed in metal then adorned with mechanical ornamentation complete synthetic black dreads secured at the nap of the neck with a re-purposed air filter! Subject Imperial hats are non rigged 100% original Miamai mesh, materials, and comes with a resizing HUD.

Miamai_Subject Imperial - Obscuria ADS




Miamai_Subject Imperial - Luminarii ADS


Miamai is delighted to be in the February round of Shiny Shabby, a shopping event that is a dream come true for lovers of all things vintage-themed. For Miamai’s first time participating Monica has designed a beautiful collections of antique inspired hair combs, the Souvenir Combs. Lovingly crafted with flowers, pearls, ribbons, and cameos each hair comb is elegant and a romantic addition to your accessories. The Souvenir Combs Gacha has 12 commons and 3 rares that are transfer and modify so you can adjust them to your hairstyle. Shiny Shabby opens at 12 pm SLT on the 20th of February and closes on March 15th.


Miamai_SouvenirCombs Gacha AD
The Souvenir Combs are non rigged mesh, materials, and a 100% original creation by Miamai.

Miamai_SouvenirCombs Gacha Key

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Shiny Shabby Website

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