MIAMAI:: MerCombs Gacha at The Fantasy Collective

Miamai’s new MerCombs are exclusively at The Fantasy Collective this month.  This gacha is for mermaids and everyone who adores shells and hair combs!  Each comb is beautifully detailed and decorated with a variety of starfish, shells, coral, and pearls. There are 6 commons and 2 rares to collect! At 40L per play you can collect them all and share with friends!


Miamai’s new MerCombs are 100% original mesh creations, non rigged, modify, and transfer.






MIAMAI:: 21SHOE Folder Wedges Opti in OptiBlack and Folder Wedges Opti in Optipur

WHAT: 21Shoe

WHEN: Wednesday January 21st (24 hours only)

WOW: Miamai Exclusive Special Edition Shoes 2 pairs for the price of 1, never to be sold again!

WHAT SHOES: Folder Wedges Opti in OptiBlack and Folder Wedges Opti in Optipur!



21SHOE, 1 day, 24 hours, shoe addiction therapy. At 12:01 SLT on January 21ST the January round of 21Shoe starts! For 1 day MIAMAI has 2 exclusive pairs of the Folder Wedges Opti on sale for the price of 1! Make sure you hurry though because once the clock strikes 12:00 am January 22 the sale is over and these shoes go away, forever!

Artistic and avant guard, the perfect addition to your cutting edge styling the Folder Wedges Opti bridge the line between fashion and art, beauty and pain, The Folder Wedges Opti are amazingly detailed, 100% original mesh, and materials. These two exclusive colors Optiblack and Optipur are only available for 24 hours at 21Shoe!

Miamai_Folder wedges Opti - Exclusive 21Shoe January 2015_ADS

*Note: Folder Wedges Opti in OptiBlack and Folder Wedges Opti in Optipur will not be available for purchase after January 21st 2015. If you miss this chance you will miss these shoes. For the full list of participating stores join the 21Shoe Official Group in SecondLife.  All Miamai Slink AddOn shoes require the purchase of the compatible Slink mesh feet from Slink. Please try the demo before purchase.  As the items are no transfer we are unable to provide refunds.

MIAMAI:: The Dramera helm – The Soul of Dragon @ The Secret Affair

The Secret Affair, January 15th – January 30.

The Dramera helm – The Soul of Dragon is richly detailed and simply stunning, a true collectors piece for anyone who loves armor. Photos can not do this piece justice and to try and describe the Dramera helm, I fall short in my eloquence. The Dramera helm is inspired by the dragons of the orient and made to be worn but at only 9 prims The Dramera helm can also be placed out as an amazing piece of art. This unisex helm is 100% original non rigged mesh, materials, and re-sizable via the included HUD. Only available at The Secret Affair.


Miamai_Dramera helm_The soul of Dragon - The steel - ADS

Miamai_Dramera helm_The soul of Dragon - The brass - ADS

Miamai_Dramera helm_The soul of Dragon - The gold - ADS

MIAMAI:: Chrysalia and Chryella @ The Secret Affair

The Secret Affair, January 15th – January 30.

Miamai presents Chrysalia and Chryella two beautiful hairs adorned with crowns of crystals and pearls. Chrysalia is an updo with fringe and bangs that hints at the powerful woman hiding beneath the surface. Chryella is a medium length hair that is wild and unreserved, the locks having escaped to flow freely in the breeze. Chrysalia and Chryella are Both Chrysalia and Chreylla come with matching hair bases and in three mega color pack choices, Naturals, Colors, and Ombre. Only available at The Secret Affair.


Miamai_Chrysalia Miamai_Chryella


Cancer is a cruel twist.  It is the hope of someone fighting cancer to win the battle, to survive, and plan for a future.  When you are told by the doctors you have survived, slowly you start to make big plans for life and even thrive.  It is a cruel moment when you are told that the cancer is back.  Scarlet Chandrayann the owner of Alouette was on the verge of making amazing and wonderful changes in her life when she was told that the cancer was back, that at most she had two years, and her choices for prolonging her life was few with no guarantee of success.  Scarlet is waging battle again and exploring all of her options but she has a dream to visit London and Leaf In The Wind is the event to help her achieve that dream.   Designers from across SecondLife have come together giving of their time, creations, and love to help Scarlet visit London.  Please make the time to go visit Leaf in The Wind and see the two beautiful exclusive creations Miamai has for you.

Leaf in The Wind – January 10th through February 1st.

Taylor in Berry a floor length strapless gown with a sleeveless mesh bodice.  100% original mesh, flexi skirt, materials, and in standard sizing. 100% Donation

Folded in Emerald a from fitting body suit complete with clothing layers, appliers for SLink Physique, and Slink Hands & Feet. Included is an applier for Lolas Tango Breasts and a config notecard to use with the mesh ass of your choice. 50% Donation


Leaf in The Wind January 10th through February 1st  – https://leafonthewindsl.wordpress.com/






Miamai has released Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami – Dei and Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami – Yoru for the first round of WE <3 RP in 2015! These gorgeous hats are inspired by the traditional Japanese fishermen’s hat and named for the their patron god Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami. You will delight in all the little details from the ties that hold the netting in place around the edge to the beautiful scarf wrapped about the top of the hat. Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami – Dei and Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami – Yoru is only available at WE < RP 50% off the original price, 100% original mesh by Miamai, and comes with a re sizer HUD for that perfect fit!


Miamai_Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami - Dei ADS 002

Miamai_Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami - Dei ADS 001

Miamai_Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami - Yoru ADS 002

Miamai_Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami - Yoru ADS 001



Miamai has a New Years gift for you, a special version of the Taylor Gown in the beautiful Midnight color with gold trim! This gorgeous strapless, floor length ball gown is perfect for your New Years Eve Party!

This gift is 1oo% an original Miamai design, materials, and in standard sizing!

The Taylor Gown in Midnight is only available at the Miamai main store for a limited time.

Happy 2015 from Miamai!