New Releases: BlackLabel for Guys & Girls

Two New Releases, gorgeous additions to the Miamai BlackLabel Collection and available now at our Main Store.

The Stunning Spellbound for Men

Miamai Black Label Spellbound

And the daring Rapt for Women

Miamai Black Label Rapt

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New Releases: For Men and Women

Two items released today, the first is CLARK – sculpted pants for men with a punk/goth edge; the second is PRECIOUS in blue for the ladies – a dress released wooth proceeds going to the PACFIC CRISIS FUND.

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser LM –

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New Release: Miamai XGEN Make-Ups

    We are proud to introduce you our new collection of Beauty products.
    XGen is a range of Makeups and Lashes made with your comfort and stylish needs in mind.

XGen Lashes are sculpted prim lashes that give you the most charming look you can expect; the lashes have a soft curl and a sweet design, while the tattoo layer that comes with them is a beauty enhancer delicate eyeliner which also includes 5 colors of hairbases (brown, blonde, platinum, red, black)

XGen Makeups are designed to help you having the makeup you want without sacrificing the hairbase.Each makeup is provided in two versions:
Compact: the makeup plus blonde, brown, platinum hairbase
Plus: the makeup plus brown, platinum, blonde, red, black hairbase.

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Miamai News

Remember we promised changes for the better? One of the things we’ve been looking at is how to make your shopping experience easier and more rewarding. Today we installed an innovative new vendor system that allows us to have it all – and to give it to you.

Our redelivery system is now fully contained inworld, no more opening an external webpage to have your items resent. It just takes a few clicks and attention to the messages and you have everything sent immediately.

The giftcard system is done with less hassle now as well. Instead of the giver receiving a card to pass on the giftee, it’s now sent directly to the recipient. No risk of it being eaten twice in inventories, the credit is immediately paid to the lucky person.

The best part of all is that we’ve implemented a new rewards program – you get more value for your shopping dollar. Everyone who buys any product at Miamai Mainstore gets 2% of the purchase price listed in their name as store credit! It gets even better though; all members of the inworld group that have their Miamai group tag active gets 5% of every item they buy back as store credit. You must have the group active, but it’s worth it to watch your savings grow.

And we made sure that your previously earned store credit passed to this new system, so that nothing got wasted!

What else to say? We really hope that this will make your shopping at Miamai a better experience!


Miamai New Releases: For Guys and Gals

Just released are two fantastic pieces to make up your SL wardrobe…. although I am sure you would want them in your RL wardrobes too :)

CLOE Jacket – L$400 - three colour options


TASU Pants – L$230

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New Release: BlackLabel for Men and Women

Especially created for yesterday’s massive DeRezzed Event, produced by KMADD, we are proud to release two outfits which have taken inspiration from TRON.







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New Release @ The Cellar

The second of our releases today follows the Valentine’s Day theme too. … this time in  the form of the DAYDREAM Dress.

We bring you a fancy and surrealistic minidress with floating heart shaped balloons …. balloony brilliance!

Cellar Landmark:

New Release @ CHIC Limited

For all of you “anti” Valentine lovers …. including myself …. I am proud to present one of my new personal favourite ensembles HEARTBREAK.  Released by us exclusively at CHIC Limited.

The HEARTBREAK Dress is the conclusion of two minds working as one. A lover of the dark side, Lord Winter Jefferson, whose passion lies with those that take solace in the midnight hours, collides with the creativity and talent of their soul twin MO. The result of this entanglement leads to a dress like no other… a step back in time to all those hearts you have broken, or even times when your own has been pulled out and trampled on… and one that only the bravest or sickest souls fashionista should wear on this coming day of love. Do not be fooled….. these teddy bears bite ^^

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New Colour Releases in Hair Couture

We are proud to say that the hair created especially for the collaboration with Glam Affair – namely the JADIS YUKI Skin – is now available in all the usual fabulous colours we are renowned for. I have decided to just include a few photo’s to serve as a reminder :)