New Colour Releases in Hair Couture

We are proud to say that the hair created especially for the collaboration with Glam Affair – namely the JADIS YUKI Skin – is now available in all the usual fabulous colours we are renowned for. I have decided to just include a few photo’s to serve as a reminder :)


New Releases: Hair Couture

Not only has Monica released the new outfit “Kajsa” for a charity fundraiser but now we have THREE brand new hairs. Doe’s she ever stop working??


DAFNYA – Gold: L$225

DAFNYA – Platinum: L$225


Miamai Collaboration with Glam Affair

Yes it is true…. Miamai and Glam Affair have joined forces to created the JADIS YUKI Edition Skin. A beautifully pale and demure skin, available with an exclusive white hairbase option, the YUKI skin has specially created hair attachments and makeup by our talented Monica Outlander. Take a look at the following photos if you don’t believe the hype!

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