The Fantasy Collective is open and Miamai introduces the exclusive Minoo Ethereal Helm this month. In the battle between good and evil an angel of fashion needs a statement piece. The Minoo Ethereal Helm is that statement and is richly detailed with feathers, chainmail, leather straps and buckles securing the varnished celestial fabric that is delicately perched on a helm of metal. The Minoo Ethereal Helm is 100% original non rigged mesh and comes with a resizing HUD to easily adjust to fit you. You will delight in the amazing details that are enhanced with the use of Materials! Available in three versions, Obscure, Bloody, and Absolute the Minoo Ethereal Helm is only at The Fantasy Collective!

Minoo_ADS Absolute Minoo_ADS Obscure Minoo_ADS Bloody



MIAMAI is at The Secret Affair!
November 15th – November 30

Miamai_NikkalGoldFind the ultimate statement with the Nikkal Necklace by Miamai. Crafted out of Copper, Gold, and Silver the Nikkal Necklaces celebrate the Harvest and the Goddess within. The details on Nikkal are stunning, shafts of wheat symbolize the giving of thanks for the fruitful harvest of the summer past. The full moon a symbol in the night sky of the Goddess the rays shining down to the earth helping us glimpse behind the veil while it is thin. Yet could the hammered metal disk be the sun, the God who now is waiting for the seasons to turn, waiting for the time of the crone that is slowly blanketing the earth to pass, then as the wheel turns waiting to be born again in the Spring?

Miamai_NikkalCopper Supporting it all is the Earth Goddess herself crafted out of ancient stone, her head a rare gem bead symbolizing the earth. Stunning in its craftsmanship, fit for a Goddess, High Priestess, Witch, or a woman in touch with her own inner Goddess the Nikkal Necklace awaits you at The Secret Affair, November 15th – November 30.

*100% Original Non Rigged Mesh, Resizer, Materials, and Modify.



It is time for L’accessoires! Miamai brings a stunning new shoe to the event, the Armoniu Wedges. A sexy wedge that has an eye for pain equaling beauty and pleasure. The Armoniu Wedges has a platform that supports the heel structure, this structure is a piece of art in itself giving us a peek at the skeleton of a wedge heel, the layers peeled back to expose this inner truth. Much like a woman exposes her inner truth to the man who wields the velvet whip. The small wedges of wood pierce through reminding you to walk on your toes or else! Sensual and sexy it takes a woman who understands her own grace and beauty to wear these heels. The Armoniu Wedges, delicate yet industrial, sensual, sexy, controlling, take yourself to the edge of beauty, to the edge of pain, control your every step with the Armoniu Wedges available only at L’Accessoires.

L’accessoires runs November 15th till December 8th

Miamai_Armoniu wedges_L'accessoires November_ADS

*For Slink High Feet, Rigged Mesh, Materials, 100% Original Mesh by Miamai


Armoniu Silver_ADS Armoniu Coal_ADS Armoniu Gold_ADS Armoniu Red_ADS






Cirque de Seraphim is a multi-sim, circus-themed event that MIAMAI has the pleasure of being a sponsor for and supporting the ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  Cirque de Seraphim runs November 6th 2014 to November 26th 2014 and also has rides and games along the boardwalks.  Come enjoy this amazing event with us and help us support the ASPCA at Cirque de Seraphim.

GACHA?  Of course we have one for Cirque de Seraphim!  The Vinatge Circus Pierrot Gacha has, 11 makeup/facial tattoo layer commons plus 3 stunning Pierrot mesh collars for the rares!  Visually stunning and essential for the Vintage Clown you will want to collect them all!





MIAMAI was invited to WE lOVE RP for November and our designers glimpsed the fairies in the forest then brought the visions to life for all of us to embrace with the Battle Fairy Wings and Breastplates, carefully crafted in copper and silver yet resplendent with decorations of gemstones, horns, claws, and leaves. Delight in being a protector of the realm with these 100% original mesh creations that use Materials and are modify so you can edit them to fit perfectly. For WE LOVE RP the Battle Fairy Wings and Breastplates are discounted 40%.

The Battle Fairy Wings come with a HUD allowing you to resize and change the texture of the wings, leaves, Horns, Gemstones, Claws, and Tip Claws. The Battle Fairy Breastplate’s HUD comes with a resize option and texture change for the Leaves, Horns, Gemstones, and EyeStones.



Miamai_BattleFairyWingsSilver Miamai_BattleFairyWingsCopper






MIAMAI:: Regina and MiaMadonna Chloe

The Fantasy Collective is open and Miamai introduces two exclusive ladies hats this month, Regina and MiaMadonnaChloe. Taken from the fashions of a bygone era then transformed with the subtle and delightful Miamai twist we all love. Regina and MiaMadonnaChloe will inspire you to immerse yourself in fantasy and dare to recreate a time when knights stole a womans heart with his honor and valor, when courtly love was forbidden yet so tempting.  Both hats are 100% original non rigged mesh and modify for easy fitting.  You will delight in the beautiful color and pattern choices that are enhanced with the use of Materials!  Available only at The Fantasy Collective!


Miamai_TFC_ReginaPurple Miamai_TFC_ReginaBlack

Miamai_TFC_MiaMadonnaChloe AncientGold Miamai_TFC_MiaMadonnaChloe AncientRose Miamai_TFC_MiaMadonnaChloe AncientBlack


Miamai:: Faery Headpieces @ The Arcade Gacha Event



It is Arcade time again and Miamai is there!  The Faery Headpieces will entice you to embrace your magical and whimsical side.  Try your luck and collect all 12 commons and 3 very special Rares!  All of the Faery Headpieces are 100% original non rigged mesh, materials, and modify so you can adjust them!