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Step into the future with the Miamai Le Blanc Pumps.

ADS Le Blanc - Heel pumps_FuturWave 2015

Miamai – Le Blanc – Heel Pumps available in Black, Burg, Prec, Skye, and silver.
100% Original mesh and Slink high feet compatible.

ADS Le Blanc - Suspension pumps_FuturWave 2015
Miamai – Le Blanc – Suspension Pumps available in Black, Burg, Prec, Skye, and silver.
100% Original mesh and Slink high feet compatible.
ADS Le Blanc - Connection pumps_FuturWave 2015
Miamai – Le Blanc – Connection Pumps available in Black, Burg, Prec, Skye, and silver.
100% Original mesh and Slink high feet compatible.
ADS Le Blanc - Extension pumps_FuturWave 2015
Miamai – Le Blanc – Extension Pumps available in Black, Burg, Prec, Skye, and silver.
100% Original mesh and Slink high feet compatible.


Miamai :: La Rouge at faMESHed

MIAMAI_La Rouge Sonatta_ADS Exclusive FaMESHed 2015Miamai La Rouge Sonatta satin heels available in Black or Silver.

Miamai is in the February round of faMESHed with La Rouge, a sensual suede pointed toe heel with a very slender wedge. The La Rouge heels are stunning in both shape and texture transcending easily from casual, work, and to evening attire. Also exclusively to this round of faMESHed are the La Rouge Sonatta heels which are crafted in satin and available only in Black or Silver. The La Rouge heels are an original mesh creation of Miamai, materials ready, for Slink AE High Feet, and only available at faMESHed.

MIAMAI_La Rouge_ADS FaMESHed February 2015 Miamai La Rouge suede heels available in Black, Carmine, Ebony, and Golden.



Cancer is a cruel twist.  It is the hope of someone fighting cancer to win the battle, to survive, and plan for a future.  When you are told by the doctors you have survived, slowly you start to make big plans for life and even thrive.  It is a cruel moment when you are told that the cancer is back.  Scarlet Chandrayann the owner of Alouette was on the verge of making amazing and wonderful changes in her life when she was told that the cancer was back, that at most she had two years, and her choices for prolonging her life was few with no guarantee of success.  Scarlet is waging battle again and exploring all of her options but she has a dream to visit London and Leaf In The Wind is the event to help her achieve that dream.   Designers from across SecondLife have come together giving of their time, creations, and love to help Scarlet visit London.  Please make the time to go visit Leaf in The Wind and see the two beautiful exclusive creations Miamai has for you.

Leaf in The Wind – January 10th through February 1st.

Taylor in Berry a floor length strapless gown with a sleeveless mesh bodice.  100% original mesh, flexi skirt, materials, and in standard sizing. 100% Donation

Folded in Emerald a from fitting body suit complete with clothing layers, appliers for SLink Physique, and Slink Hands & Feet. Included is an applier for Lolas Tango Breasts and a config notecard to use with the mesh ass of your choice. 50% Donation


Leaf in The Wind January 10th through February 1st  – https://leafonthewindsl.wordpress.com/





MIAMAI:: KittyCats Advent 2014

Merry Christmas From Miamai & KittyCatS!

It is the KittyCats  4th Annual Advent Calendar and Miamai is joining in the fun!

Miamai has Christmas gift for you, a special version of the Taylor Gown in a beautiful color with gold trim that you will only find in the KittyCats Advent Calendar!

This gift is 1oo% an original Miamai design, materials, standard sizing,

with a flexi skirt for those holiday gatherings!

This gift is at the KittyCats Main Sim waiting for you with a bunch of other wonderful gifts!

Happy Holidays!




Cirque de Seraphim is a multi-sim, circus-themed event that MIAMAI has the pleasure of being a sponsor for.   We have placed out 2 items and with each purchase of these items, MIAMAI is donating 50% of the proceeds  to the ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  Cirque de Seraphim runs November 6th 2014 to November 26th 2014 and also has rides and games along the boardwalks.  Come enjoy this amazing event with us and help us support the ASPCA at Cirque de Seraphim!

Saltarello are beautiful non rigged mesh clown hats. Saltarello comes in ILNero and ILRosso and they will make you smile as you dance through the big top!  You will delight in the details from multicolored beads and gemstones to the wonderful ribbons erupting from the top!  These clown hats use materials and are modify but also come with a resizing HUD.  Saltarello ILNero is a 50% donation to the ASPCA item!



Miamai_Saltarello_IlRosso Miamai_Saltarello_IlNero


The new round of My Slink Obsession is open and Miamai introduces Suane.  Suane is beautiful lingerie and the latest addition to the Luxe collection.  Romantic lace clings to your body sensually enhancing every wonderful curve.  Suane comes in black or crimson clothing layers with the following appliers: SLink Physique, Lola Tango Breast, and a notecard to use with your mesh ass of choice.   You can purchase Suane only at My Slink Obsession and for a wonderful event pricing of 150L.





Miamai:: Sparkly Leggings Appliers Gacha @ La Metallique Fair

La Metallique Fair by L’accessoires

“Be the most alluring star on the grid this summer at La Metallique Fair.”

L’accessoires is holding a fair to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary with all things metallic, glitter, sparkles and shine!  We at Miamai have loved being part of L’accessoires and to celebrate this events success we have the Sparkly Leggings with 2 separate buttons for you to play! One button for SLink Physique and the other button for L.Inc Azz with 7 commons and 3 rares for you to collect!  30L per try.

(appliers only – no clothing layers)


MIAMAI @ La Metallique Fair