New Collection: MIAMAI 2011 Wedding Collection

Yes today is the day we at Miamai have been longing for – the release of this seasons Wedding Gowns. Each beautifully designed gown is available in white and some are also available in champagne and rose options, and cover many different tastes. Come ….. look in awe ladies.

ANNA L$1600 


ALIA L$1300 


 EMMA L$1600

JARA – L$1600 



New Releases – Anita Formal Gown & Maudite Makeups

It is a rare occasion to find us here at Miamai release a gown AND make-ups on the same day, so count yourselves lucky today !🙂 On a personal note I would like to add that these are my most favourite makeups from Miamai to date :b


MAUDITE Make-ups L$200 per Pack


MIAMAI Exclusive New Idea and Design

When I first saw these I stood in awe and I hope you do too ….. may I present to you our newest release, the Prim Glove. A design for both male and females, the sculpted hand is covered with sumptuous texture and various parts are modifiable from the enclosed hud – including hand position and accessory colour. This has never before been seen in SL so come be part of the first to own a pair.


Miamai supports “Extend a Welcoming Hand”

I am proud to announce that we at Miamai are supporting the “Extend a Welcoming Hand” Fundraiser. A little about the cause follows ……

“Extend a Helping Hand is an event put together by Sanura Sakai to raise funds for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. The aim is to provide support and assistance to those Queenslanders affected by the recent massive flooding.The flooding has already affected 22 towns, as of January 1st, and has forced many from their homes. It has had a devastating effect on many people’s lives and livelihoods”

“The Extend a Helping Hand Market will be held from January 11th through to January 31st, though donation vendors and donation booths may be available sooner at individual stores across the grid – the Market is a central area for the event , but I’m hoping that people will participate in their own mainstores and other locations also. Money raised will be donated to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal to assist those affected by the Queensland floods.”

There are various outfits at the store which have been specifically created for this cause, and all of whose proceeds go straight to the charity, but here is the one exclusively designed for “Extend a Welcoming Hand”.



New Release: City Girl

Today we have another new release, this time it is from our City Girl range and it is a cute little soft knit sweater called CHRIS, and it is available from the mainstore for a mere L$230.

CHRIS Mini Sweater


New Releases: Hair Couture

Not only has Monica released the new outfit “Kajsa” for a charity fundraiser but now we have THREE brand new hairs. Doe’s she ever stop working??


DAFNYA – Gold: L$225

DAFNYA – Platinum: L$225


Miamai participating in the “My Second Childhood” Fundraiser

Voshie Paine has organised an event called, in a very short period of time, called My Second Childhood. In order to raise funds for a little three year old girl called Kajsa, who is suffering from a rare form of Leukemia, she has asked designers to create items based around the theme of childhood which will be sold at the event – the proceeds of which will go directly to Kasja’s family to help towards healthcare etc.

So of course Monica could not help herself and has come up with this lovely little outfit especially for this event.

Available for a mere L$300 it is worth visiting just for this KAJSA Dress! I have just come back from the fundraiser and although the items are small in number they are definitely perfectly formed.

Don’t forget the fundraiser runs until the 16th January and the outfit can only be bought there: LM

“On behalf of Kajsa’s family, thank you for taking the time to read this, and for all your support. Voshie Paine”