The new BlackLabel collection is in store!


Last week the new BlackLabel “Unfold” collection has been released, after being revealed during a beautiful and immersive show which left us all speechless. In case you could not go to the event, you might want to check the awesome video made by Thalia Heckroth.

The new BL collection is breathtaking. As Monica wrote “The new BlackLabel is called Unfold, and it’s the expression of my personal growth, with references to my own art, and with a message about the place we have in this world, our role, and the importance of beauty and love“.

Here’s the pictures of the whole stunning collection: clothes, shoes, accessories for ladies and gents. Have a look, drool, then come to Miamai – because the collection is available at the store – to try the demos on and drool again😛

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


TAXI to Miamai BlackLabel “Unfold” collection

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