Miamai supports “Extend a Welcoming Hand”

I am proud to announce that we at Miamai are supporting the “Extend a Welcoming Hand” Fundraiser. A little about the cause follows ……

“Extend a Helping Hand is an event put together by Sanura Sakai to raise funds for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. The aim is to provide support and assistance to those Queenslanders affected by the recent massive flooding.The flooding has already affected 22 towns, as of January 1st, and has forced many from their homes. It has had a devastating effect on many people’s lives and livelihoods”

“The Extend a Helping Hand Market will be held from January 11th through to January 31st, though donation vendors and donation booths may be available sooner at individual stores across the grid – the Market is a central area for the event http://slurl.com/secondlife/Adien/30/61/1026¬†, but I’m hoping that people will participate in their own mainstores and other locations also. Money raised will be donated to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal to assist those affected by the Queensland floods.”

There are various¬†outfits at the store which have been specifically created for this cause, and all of whose proceeds go straight to the charity, but here is the one exclusively designed for “Extend a Welcoming Hand”.


Landmark: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amat/64/172/25